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Grades Served:
Kindergarten - Grade 5

Finance (2022)

How much are this school's per-pupil expenditures?


Idaho’s per-pupil expenditures are calculated by dividing current expenditures by the total student enrollment. Current expenditures comprise expenditures for the day-to-day operation of schools, including but not limited to expenditures for: instruction, administration, instructional support, and operation and maintenance of facilities. Expenditures are shown by fund source (state/local and federal).

What are the factors that impact per-pupil expenditures?

Total Student Enrollment (Spring)

387 students

There are many reasons why an LEA may spend different amounts of money on different schools, including the number of students being served, the demographic makeup of students, and the experience level of the school’s teaching staff.

How does this compare?

Total Expenditures
School Average $9,678
District Average $8,894
State Average $9,832

Where do the funds come from?

Federal Funds

Federal funds account for the revenues from federal agencies made available to school districts and charter schools for special projects. These funds are typically restricted in how they can be spent.

State/Local Funds

State and Local Funds include the General Fund, which is the chief operating fund of school districts and charter schools. The majority of these dollars come from the State of Idaho as a Legislative appropriation. Other sources of funds include taxes raised from local levies and local grants. Other dollars included here are local and state dollars restricted for specific purposes.

School Expenditures

School Expenditures per pupil are the current costs incurred at the school level directly or indirectly. Expenditures include costs for instruction, purchased services, materials and supplies, capital outlay, student support services, school administration, and operation and maintenance of facilities.

Shared Expenditures

Shared Expenditures are costs that are incurred at the district level and were not allocated directly to the school. Instead, the costs were allocated to each site within the LEA using enrollment by building. Common shared costs could include district administration costs, business operations costs, transportation costs, and child nutrition costs

School Expenditures $7,548 78.0%
State/local $5,286
Federal $2,262
Shared Expenditures $2,130 22.0%
State/local $1,533
Federal $597