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Grades Served:
Kindergarten - Grade 12

Internet Connectivity

Internet Provider

Custer Telephone Co

Internet Access (Mbps per Student)

A common way to measure how much Internet access is available to students is Megabits (Mbps) per student. In 2014 the Federal Communications Commission adopted a long-term goal of providing every student with at least 1 Mbps per student at their school. The average Mbps per student in Idaho has increased since 2020 and continues to climb each year. Please note that large districts might report less than 1 Mbps per student, though students still experience high-speed connectivity thanks to the density of the large district's network infrastructure





Cost of Internet

The average cost of Internet for Idaho schools has fallen every year since 2016. The cost is commonly measured in Dollars per Megabit (Mbps) per second. The SDE reimburses internet connections that are partially funded by the national E-rate program. To learn more about how schools benefit from E-rate, and how the SDE supports broadband for schools, visit