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Grades Served:
Kindergarten - Grade 12

Idaho IDEA Part B State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report (SPP/APR) Public Reporting

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires each state to develop a state performance plan/annual performance report (SPP/APR) that evaluates the state’s efforts to implement the requirements and purposes of the IDEA and describes how the state will improve its implementation. The SPP/APRs include indicators that measure student and family outcomes and other indicators that measure compliance with the requirements of the IDEA. Each indicator or sub-indicator includes a description of the State Target(s) and identifies if the goal is to increase, decrease, or maintain a specific level of compliance or performance.

Results Driven Accountability (RDA) Determination

Idaho is required, under Section 616(a)(1)(C)(i) and 300.600(a) of IDEA 2004, to make annual determinations on the performance of each Local Education Agency (LEA) with regards to the provision of special education and related services, as demonstrated through the Idaho State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report (SPP/APR) indicators. LEAs are placed into one of the following categories: Meets Requirements, Needs Assistance, Needs Intervention, Needs Substantial Intervention. For the current year, the LEA was placed in the category,